Bingsen Wang

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Basic operational concepts of the single current source converter (CSC)-based STATCOM are studied in this paper. The space vector modulation scheme is adopted to control switching functions of the CSC. Capitalizing on anticipated new switch technology, the reduced-size LC filter is examined and design guidance is given. A filter current compensation method(More)
This paper proposes a boost configuration of wind turbine generation system based on matrix converters. The proposed boost configuration features i) the limitation of the voltage transfer ratio of 0.866 will not limit the terminal voltage at the stator winding under normal operating mode; and ii) low voltage ride through capability is enhanced when grid(More)
Numerous techniques have been proposed so far for forecasting of wind turbine output power in both shortterm and long-term time horizons. The proposed techniques are oversimplified and regionally and/or temporally limited. This paper proposes a generic wind power forecasting framework with no regional or temporal restriction. Moreover, the effect of the(More)
Conventional modulation strategies for matrix converters based on trigonometric transformations and space vector techniques have their voltage transfer capability limited at about 0.866 p.u. This leads to a derating of motor capability by 25% in the realization of variable frequency drives using off-the-shelf line-fed motors, or requires custom designed(More)