Bingrong Wang

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The Continuously Adaptive Mean Shift algorithm (CAMShift) is an adaptation of mean shift algorithm for object tracking especially for head and face tracking. Traditional CAMShift can not deal with multi-colored object tracking and situations when similar colors exist nearby. In this paper, a new approach towards these problems using CAMShift with weighted(More)
In this paper, we focus on the problem of complicated scene retrieval and give two proposals to improve accuracy of the recent image search system based on bag-of-features: block voting mechanism and weak feature selection. Both the methods aim to reduce effects of incorrect matching between descriptors. Block voting mechanism separates query and database(More)
Stereo correspondence computes disparity map needed by many high-level computer vision tasks. Recently local stereo approaches show their ability matching global while keeping efficiency. But it still deserves further research for higher performance. In this paper, we propose a fast edge-aware cost aggregation strategy. It constructs 1D support window based(More)
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