Bingqing Wei

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Gas sensors operate by a variety of fundamentally different mechanisms. Ionization sensors work by fingerprinting the ionization characteristics of distinct gases, but they are limited by their huge, bulky architecture, high power consumption and risky high-voltage operation. Here we report the fabrication and successful testing of ionization microsensors(More)
Amorphous carbon nanotubes (ACNTs) with diameters in the range of 7-50 nm were used as absorber materials for electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic wave absorbing composite films were prepared by a dip-coating method using a uniform mixture of rare earth lanthanum nitrate doped ACNTs and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The microstructures of ACNTs and(More)
High-k dielectric materials are important as gate oxides in microelectronics and as potential dielectrics for capacitors. In order to enable computational discovery of novel high-k dielectric materials, we propose a fitness model (energy storage density) that includes the dielectric constant, bandgap, and intrinsic breakdown field. This model, used as a(More)
Laser-induced photo-chemical synthesis of SnO2 nanotubes has been demonstrated by employing a nanoporous polycarbonate membrane as a template. The SnO2 nanotube diameter can be controlled by the nanoporous template while the nanotube length can be tuned by laser parameters and reaction duration. The microstructure characterization of the nanotubes indicates(More)
• Nikhil Koratkar has 143 journal papers, 1 book and 4 book chapters published or in-press • > 8000 Citations (google scholar) with an H-index of 49 1. N. Koratkar, and I. Chopra, " Analysis and testing of a Froude-scaled helicopter rotor with piezoelectric bender actuated trailing-edge flaps " ,
Three-dimensional V 2 O 5 hollow structures have been prepared through a simple synthesis strategy combining solvothermal treatment and a subsequent thermal annealing. The V 2 O 5 materials are composed of microspheres 2–3 µm in diameter and with a distinct hollow interior. The as-synthesized V 2 O 5 hollow microspheres, when evaluated as a cathode material(More)
The development of high capacity and long-life lithium-ion batteries is a long-term pursuing and under a close scrutiny. Most of the researches have been focused on exploring electrode materials and structures with high store capability of lithium ions and at the same time with a good electrical conductivity. Thermal conductivity of an electrode material(More)
Citation: Cao Z and Wei B (2015) A facile route to metal oxides/single-walled carbon nanotube macrofilm nanocomposites for energy storage. a facile route to metal oxides/single-walled carbon nanotube macrofilm nanocomposites for energy storage Nanocomposites consisting of transition-metal oxides and carbon nanomaterials with a desired size and structure are(More)
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