Bingqian Zheng

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The aggregation of β-lactoglobulin (BLG) near its isoelectric point was studied as a function of ionic strength and pH. We compared the behavior of native BLG with those of its two isoforms, BLG-A and BLG-B, and with that of a protein with a very similar pI, bovine serum albumin (BSA). Rates of aggregation were obtained through a highly precise and(More)
The effects of NaCl and heating temperature on the gel-forming ability of legumin were studied. The addition of NaCl progressively increased the denaturation temperature of legumin. Heating to around the denaturation point, i.e., below the onset temperature (zone 1), between the onset and maximal temperatures (zone 2), between the maximal and final(More)
Three intermediary subunits of legumin, IS-I, IS-II and IS-III, were isolated. They were characterized by means of electrophoresis, amino acid and NH2-terminal sequence analyses. Reconstitution of pseudolegumin was carried out and the yield of 11S-size product from either IS-II or IS-III was more than 95%, while IS-I almost formed a 9S-size product and a(More)
Protein native state aggregation, a major problem in pharmaceutical and biological processes, has been addressed pharmacologically by the addition of protein-binding excipients. Heparin (Hp), a highly sulfated polysaccharide, interacts with numerous proteins with moderate to high affinity, but reports about its effect on protein aggregation are(More)
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