Bingna Zheng

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Five new homoleptic [NiX(4)](2-) compounds have been prepared with the fluorinated ligands OC(6)F(5) (OAr(F)), OC(6)H(3)(CF(3))(2) (OAr'), and OC(4)F(9) (OR(F)) and characterized with X-ray crystallography, magnetic susceptibility, and elemental analysis. Electronic spectral studies show that these ligands engender a ligand-field environment similar to that(More)
A class of novel N-doped porous carbon nanospheres (PCNSs) with ultrahigh surface areas (e.g., Langmuir surface area = 3219 m2 g-1) and large templated mesopore diameters (up to 18.6 nm) was synthesized based upon a simple yet efficient copolymerization-induced self-assembly process of aniline/pyrrole co-monomers and block copolymer templates. The PCNSs(More)
The fabrication of advanced hierarchical porous polymers with a unique 3D nanonetwork structure composed of functional core-microporous shell nanoparticles was reported based on the development of a simple and efficient hypercrosslinking-induced self-assembly strategy.
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