Bingkui Chen

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The distribution of ordinal patterns in time series has been found to reflect important qualitative features of the underlying system dynamics. Abrupt changes in the dynamics typically result in clearly visible differences between the distributions before and after the break. Recurring dynamical regimes can be discovered by classifying the distributions in(More)
Cycloid double enveloping meshing pair is widely used in many industry areas, such as cycloid pin-wheel transmission, RV transmission and cycloid rotor pump etc. It is comprised by the cycloid gear and the envelop internal gear. The tooth profile of the cycloid gear is the equidistant curve of the cycloid, and that of the envelop internal gear is conjugated(More)
Cycloid planetary gear plays an important role in precision transmission. Accuracy control of transmission is an extra crucial requirement for design and manufacture. Firstly presented a mathematical approach for precision analysis on cycloid gear, it enable predict mesh stiffness, backlash and angular transmission error with consideration of manufacture(More)
This paper presents a method for the kinematic analysis and error modeling of a newly developed hybrid redundant robot IWR (intersector welding robot), which possesses ten degrees of freedom (DOF) where 6-DOF in parallel and additional 4-DOF in serial. In this article, the problem of kinematic modeling and error modeling of the proposed IWR robot are(More)
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