Bingjian Wang

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A new image registration method for multimodal images is proposed in this paper. This method is a combination of the modified scale invariant feature transform (SIFT) feature extraction algorithm and the shape-context feature descriptor. Salient points of multimodal images are extracted by using the modified SIFT feature extraction algorithm. Then each(More)
A new image registration method for infrared images and visible images is proposed in this paper. This method is a modified version of SIFT algorithm. Salient points of infrared images and visible images are extracted along edges of images. Each salient point is assigned a dominant direction which is the peak of orientation histogram of local image around(More)
The chemical species distributions of polyaluminum silicate chloride (PASC) and polyaluminum chloride (PACl) determined by Al-Ferron complexation timed spectrophotometric and 27Al-NMR methods, respectively, have been compared and analyzed. The experimental results show that the species distribution and transformation of PASC are different from those of(More)
Registration of infrared and visible images is very difficult because of their different imaging principles. Considering the correlation of edges in these two kinds of images, an improved registration algorithm is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the wavelet transform modulus maximum algorithm is used to detect edges in images. Then the Speeded Up Robust(More)
In order to reduce the effects caused by complex environments and ambient light conditions, a fast, robust and effective obstacles detection method of vehicles based on image analysis of multi-feature is proposed. Firstly, regions of interest (ROI) which contain lanes, vehicles and few parts of interference background are extracted in the input image by(More)
Accuracy estimation of image registration is important for image fusion, computer vision and so on image processing tasks. It is a substantial part of image registration process. Without quantitative accuracy estimation, no registration algorithm can be applied pragmatically. In this paper, the parameters to measure accuracy of image registration and their(More)
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