Binghai Chen

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Anacardic acid (AA) is a mixture of 2-hydroxy-6-alkylbenzoic acid homologs. It is widely regarded as a non-specific histone acetyltransferase inhibitor of p300. The effects and the mechanisms of AA in LNCaP cells (prostate cancer cells) remain unknown. To investigate the effect of AA on LNCaP cells, we had carried out several experiments and found that AA(More)
BACKGROUND Few researches on increase of chemotherapy sensitivity by microRNA (miRNA) were reported. We aim to investigate exact role of miR-381 in chemotherapy sensitivity of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) in renal cancer cells. METHODS We investigated the cell survival, cell-cycle and apoptosis of 786-O and HK-2 cells treated with miR-381 and 5-FU. IC50 of 5-FU(More)
OBJECTIVES MiRNAs are intrinsic RNAs that interfere with protein translation. Few studies on the synergistic effects of miRNAs have been reported. Both miR-424 and miR-381 have been individually reported to be involved in carcinogenesis. They share a common putative target, WEE1, which is described as an inhibitor of G2/M progression. Here, we studied the(More)
Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been recently shown to play an important role in gene regulation and normal cellular functions, and disease processes. However, despite the overwhelming number of lncRNAs identified to date, little is known about their role in cancer for vast majority of them. The present study aims to determine whether lncRNAs can serve(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the inhibitory effect of miRNA-381 on renal carcinoma invasion and to explore the underlying mechanisms.
 METHODS After up-regulation of miRNA-381, the inhibitory effect of miR-381 on cell invasion was investigated. We screened the target genes of miRNA-381 in a database (starBase) through combination of five programs including(More)
INTRODUCTION Hemorrhage is a major complication after percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL). In the current study, we analyzed the risk factors for severe bleeding after PCNL. MATERIAL AND METHODS Medical records of 982 consecutive patients undergoing PCNL at the Department of Urology, the Third Xiangya Hospital, were reviewed. The type of stone included:(More)
OBJECTIVE To construct a p53-fused dual luciferase reporter and to test whether this reporter can mimic wild-type p53 activities in a high-throughput screen. METHODS A restriction endonuclease site was added to each terminus and the stop codon of the wild-type full-length p53 open reading frame (ORF) was removed by PCR. A restriction endonuclease site was(More)
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