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The activities of three N-acetylglucosaminyltransferases (GnT III, GnT IV and GnT V) were determined in 10 samples of pancreatic carcinoma (PCa) and compared with those in 9 samples of normal pancreatic tissue (NP). It was found that the specific activities of GnT III, GnT IV and GnT V increased in all of the PCa samples. GnT III increased most(More)
Pancreatic cancer is a deadly disease challenging basic and clinical researchers alike in characterizing its pathobiology and finding better treatment options. A number of molecular alterations including gene mutations such as k-ras, p53, and Smad4 and aberrant expression of a variety of genes have been identified in recent years. This review focuses on two(More)
With the maturation and development of the Web services’ technology, the distributed semantic Web service’s publishing and discovery mechanism is presented in order to find the target service quickly, accurately and efficiently in the flood of Web services. The mechanism is two-tier service registration management system which is constructed(More)
Because saliency can be used as the prior knowledge of image content, saliency detection has been an active research area in image segmentation, object detection, image semantic understanding and other relevant image-based applications. In the case of saliency detection from cluster scenes, the salient object/region detected needs to not only be(More)
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