Bingchao Li

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Isonucleosides have been attracting a lot of attention in recent years due to the chemical and enzymatic stability and potential anticancer and antiviral activities. We have reported some of the isonucleosides which exhibited significant anticancer activity and found that the oligonucleotide incorporated with isonucleoside could increase the enzymatic(More)
A method for studying steady-state kinetics of nucleotide analogues incorporation into DNA strand by non-gel CE (NGCE) with LIF was developed. Nucleoside analogue is a kind of antiviral agent used to inhibit viral replication in infected cells, especially HIV. Steady-state parameter K(m) for nucleotide analogues is determined to imply the relationship(More)
GPUs provide high-bandwidth/low-latency on-chip shared memory and L1 cache to efficiently service a large number of concurrent memory requests (to contiguous memory space). To support warp-wide accesses to L1 cache, GPU L1 cache lines are very wide. However, such L1 cache architecture cannot always be efficiently utilized when applications generate many(More)
Due to the off-chip I/O pin and power constraints of GDDR5, HBM has been proposed to provide higher bandwidth and lower power consumption for GPUs. In this paper, we first provide detailed comparison between HBM and GDDR5 and expose two unique features of HBM: dualcommand and pseudo channel mode. Second, we analyze the effectiveness of these two features(More)
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