Bingcai Chen

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For low earth orbit satellite formation network, the performance of MAC depends on the degree of competition in the network. Contention-based MAC protocols such as CSMA suffer from inefficiency under the condition of high contention, but it is in the opposite way of slot-based MAC protocols such as TDMA performance. The mixed solution which combines both(More)
In this paper, the key IEEE 802.11 optimization techniques, which are aimed at extending the terrestrial wireless network to space to realize the communication among the satellite formation, are mainly investigated. Optimization approaches such as IEEE 802.11 inter-frame re-definitions, the integration of smart antennas with the MAC protocol and the(More)
Improving the utilization of signal bandwidth is one of the most important research topics in the field of communications. The mathematical functional model of the optimized baseband symbol signals is established according to the criterion for minimized out-of-band energy radiation. The functional is limited with the restrictions on conditions of boundary,(More)
Taking both identifying times and transmission bits into account that were not simultaneously concerned in other binary-search schemes, a new anti-collision algorithm for RFID system based on stack storage was proposed in this paper. The main idea of this algorithm is to modify the process for a reader to identify all the tags and reduce the amount of bits(More)
 Abstract—This paper designs a novel routing protocol of wireless sensor networks (WSN). Using sub-cluster theory based on linear programming, the protocol deals with the problem of excessive energy consumption in transportation among nodes in WSN. In order to satisfy the purpose that every sensor node has equal energy consumption as the head node, a more(More)