Bingbing Zhuang

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A graph is called a triangulated planar graph if it admits a plane embedding in the plane such that all inner faces are triangle. In a rooted triangulated planar graph, a vertex and two edges incident to it are designated as an outer vertex and outer edges, respectively. Two plane embedding of rooted triangulated planar graphs are defined to be equivalent(More)
A plane graph is a drawing of a planar graph in the plane such that no two edges cross each other. A rooted plane graph has a designated outer vertex. For given positive integers n ≥ 1 and g ≥ 3, let G3(n, g) denote the set of all triconnected rooted plane graphs with exactly n vertices such that the size of each inner face is at most g. In this paper, we(More)
In a rooted graph, a vertex is designated as its root. An outerplanar graph is represented by a plane embedding such that all vertices appear along its outer boundary. Two different plane embeddings of a rooted outerplanar graphs are called symmetric copies. Given integers n ≥ 3 and g ≥ 3, we give an O(n)-space and O(1)-time delay algorithm that enumerates(More)
Person re-identification refers to recognizing a person in different locations over non-overlapping cameras. This is an important but very challenging problem in intelligent surveillance video analysis areas. In this paper, we proposed a simple yet efficient framework KISSPOP to design a person re-identification system. In this system, we creatively combine(More)