Bingbing Ji

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After an initial phase of growth and development, bone undergoes a continuous cycle of repair, renewal and optimisation by a process called remodelling. This paper describes a novel mathematical model of the trabecular bone remodelling cycle. It is essentially formulated to simulate a remodelling event at a fixed position in the bone, integrating bone(More)
The paper aims to study the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation algorithm in the assessment system of the clinical nursing teaching quality. In terms of research methods, the paper objectively evaluates teaching effectiveness of clinical nursing faculty, and proposes a method named the fuzzy evaluation of teaching quality, puts forward basic principles and(More)
In this paper, it proposes a new energy-efficient, reliable topological clustering algorithm (ERCTNA), which analysis the reliability of wireless sensor networks at the present stage factors and improve the original LEACH protocol. ERCTNA algorithm can balance the cluster head of energy load and increase the reliability of the network topology through(More)
Concentrating solar energy and transforming it into electricity is clean, economical and renewable. One design of solar power plants consists of an array of heliostats which redirects sunlight to a central receiver tower and the generated heat is converted into electricity. Currently, the angles of elevation of heliostats are controlled by motors and drives(More)
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