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The iris is a highly accurate biometric identifier. However widespread adoption is hindered by the difficulty of capturing high-quality iris images with minimal user co-operation. This paper describes a first-generation prototype iris identification system designed for stand-off cooperative access control. This system identifies individuals who stand in(More)
We combine local texture features (PCA-SIFT), global features (shape context), and spatial features within a single multi-layer AdaBoost model of object class recognition. The first layer selects PCA-SIFT and shape context features and combines the two feature types to form a strong classifier. Although previous approaches have used either feature type to(More)
To investigate how top-down (TD) and bottom-up (BU) information is weighted in the guidance of human search behavior, we manipulated the proportions of BU and TD components in a saliency-based model. The model is biologically plausible and implements an artificial retina and a neuronal population code. The BU component is based on feature-contrast. The TD(More)
Lane departure warning system based on machine vision is a human decision-make like solution to avoid lane departure fatalities with low cost and high reliability. In this paper, the model of vision-based lane departure warning system and the realization is described at first. Then the method of lane detection is illustrated, which is composed of three(More)
Based on the complex network theory, this paper proposes a weighting parameters based on the voltage and reactance of the transmission lines, and a new method to measure the vulnerability of power grid through the betweenness index. This paper gives a new weight formula and a algorithm to identification of vulnerable lines. The analysis has been carried out(More)
The study was conducted to evaluate the effects of different starch sources on Bacillus spp. in intestinal tract and expression of intestinal development related genes of weanling piglets. Twenty-eight PIC male piglets were divided into four homogeneous groups according to initial body weight (similar birth and parity, weaned at 21 ± 1.5 days). Diets for(More)
AIM To assess the working memory and explore the differential activations of brain areas in children with primary nocturnal enuresis (PNE) by performing functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans using the categorical N-Back task. METHODS   Thirteen right-handed PNE children (M/F = 7:6, average age 11.4 ± 0.8 years) and 15 age-matched,(More)
BACKGROUND Many susceptible loci for type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) have recently been identified from Caucasians through genome wide association studies (GWAS). We aimed to determine the association of 11 known loci with T2DM and impaired glucose regulation (IGR), individually and in combination, in Chinese. METHODS/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Subjects were(More)