Bing Yan

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With huge amounts of multimedia information connected to the global information network (Internet), efficient and effective image retrieval from large image and video repositories has become an imminent research issue. This article presents our research in the C-BIRD (Content-Based Image Retrieval from Digital libraries) project. In addition to the use of(More)
Passive positioning systems with a small aperture array exhibit poor accuracy of target estimation under strong interference in near-field environments. To improve this accuracy, we propose a novel cross localization algorithm for direction-finding using the orientation angle. Improved geometric and numerical target-positioning models are constructed after(More)
Mangroves serve as either sinks or sources for inorganic and organic nutrients and can mitigate anthropogenic nutrient pollution, control the production in adjacent systems, and prevent eutrophication. To better understand the nutrient dynamics in a subtropical mangrove, we employed a three-way approach in the Nanliu River Estuary, southern China: Pore(More)