Bing Xing Wang

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In this paper, estimation of the parameters of a certain family of two-parameter lifetime distributions based on progressively Type II right censored samples (including ordinary Type II right censoring) is studied. This family, of reverse hazard distributions , includes the Weibull, Gompertz and Lomax distributions. A new type of parameter estimation, named(More)
Estimating equation approaches have been widely used in statistics inference. Important examples of estimating equations are the likelihood equations. Since its introduction by Sir R. A. Fisher almost a century ago, maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) is still the most popular estimation method used for fitting probability distribution to data, including(More)
Eggs of Trichuris trichiura were prepared for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) by the dimethylsulfoxide freeze-cracking method. The egg-shell and oocyte were examined by SEM. The egg has a chitinous shell which consists of more than 10 layers of dense lamellae. The shell is bordered by a limiting membrane. An operculum and a collar made of chitinous shell(More)
We investigate optical field enhancement for a wide mid-infrared range, originating from the excitation of graphene plasmons, by introducing a graded dielectric grating of varying period underneath a graphene monolayer. Excitation of the plasmonic mode can be achieved by illuminating a normal-incidence plane wave on the gratings due to guided-mode(More)
The fine-structure of the egg shell and the oocyte of A. lumbricoides were examined with SEM. DMSO freeze fracture was used to obtain images of the eggs. Numerous filamentary fibers occur on the outer surface of the protein layer. These fibers are arranged in a network-like structure between the external projections of adjacent eggs. Twelve to 16(More)