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OBJECTIVES We evaluated the therapeutic potential of a recombinant 61-residue neuregulin-1 (beta2a isoform) receptor-active peptide (rhNRG-1) in multiple animal models of heart disease. BACKGROUND Activation of the erbB family of receptor tyrosine kinases by rhNRG-1 could provide a treatment option for heart failure, because neuregulin-stimulated(More)
AIMS Recombinant human neuregulin-1 (rhNRG-1) improves cardiac function in experimental heart failure models, but the underlying mechanism remains largely unknown. In this study, we evaluated whether rhNRG-1 could improve cardiac function via the cardiac myosin light chain kinase/myosin light chain 2 ventricular (cMLCK/MLC-2v) pathway in rats with(More)
In the study of dynamic gesture recognition, gesture tracking must be performed reliably in real-time for sufficiently long periods when there is too much background interference. To deal with these problems effectively, an improved particle filter algorithm is proposed in order to track the moving hand quickly and accurately. Firstly, the algorithm(More)
The digital speckle correlation is a non-contact in-plane displacement measurement method based on machine vision. Motivated by the facts that the low accuracy and large amount of calculation produced by the traditional digital speckle correlation method in spatial domain, we introduce a sub-pixel displacement measurement algorithm which employs a fast(More)
193 Background: Pancreatic cancer (PC) is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths with a 5-yr mortality rate of 95%, and the lack of a suitable early detection method contributes to its poor prognosis. Metabolomics, the analysis of the metabolic profiles in biological samples such as serum and urine is emerging as an important tool to complement other(More)
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