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The performance of the level set segmentation is subject to appropriate initialization and optimal configuration of controlling parameters, which require substantial manual intervention. A new fuzzy level set algorithm is proposed in this paper to facilitate medical image segmentation. It is able to directly evolve from the initial segmentation by spatial(More)
Blood circulation is a summation of the steady and kinetic flows in the cardiovascular system. The kinetic blood flow contains both quasi-periodic fluctuations, due to the rhythmic heart beating, and non-periodic fluctuations due to the incidental vascular oscillation [1]. It is convenient to monitor kinetic blood circulation indirectly by pressure(More)
Information and computer technology popularizes in blood banks for its potentials in working efficiency as well as service quality. But, in the face of the explosive data and information, one of the challenges in blood bank information systems is how to make good use of them for decision making support. In this paper, we desire to explore the mechanisms of(More)
This paper desires to explore the role of barcode technology in blood bank information systems via addressing its upgrade and the consequent impact. Firstly, it briefs the application and effect of barcode technology in blood donation and transfusion service. In the second, the barcode paradigms of Macau Codabar and ISBT 128 are carefully examined and(More)
Automation systems and information technology can greatly help medical facilities to improve their working efficiency and optimize the whole workflow. This article surveys electronic information management in blood donation and transfusion service, and explores the rationale and archetype of blood bank information systems, then exemplifies a successful(More)
Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) is designed for imaging the mechanical properties of soft tissues. However, the interpretation of shear modulus distribution is often confusing and cumbersome. For reliable evaluation, a common practice is to specify the regions of interest and consider regional elasticity. Such an experience-dependent protocol is(More)
Phosphorus is one of the primary nutrients which leads to eutrophication and accelerates aging process in enclosed water bodies. Because of the poor phosphorus selectivity of other adsorbents, the novel La(III)-modified zeolite adsorbent (LZA) was prepared by modifying 90 nm zeolite with lanthanide to selectively remove phosphate in the presence of various(More)
Recently, studies have been performed on harmony features for speech emotion recognition. It is found in our study that the first- and second-order differences of harmony features also play an important role in speech emotion recognition. Therefore, we propose a new Fourier parameter model using the perceptual content of voice quality and the first- and(More)
Noninvasive pulse waveforms contain rich pathophysiological information of cardiovascular system. It is hereby a tradition of interest to implement risk stratification by pulse waveform monitoring and analysis. In contrast to conventional computer- or network-based solutions, we attempt to accomplish pulse waveform monitoring and analysis within a(More)