Bing-Ming Cheng

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Cross sections for photoabsorption of NH 3 , NH 2 D, NHD 2 , and ND 3 in the spectral region 140Y220 nm were determined at $298 K using synchrotron radiation. Absorption spectra of NH 2 D and NHD 2 were deduced from spectra of mixtures of NH 3 and ND 3 , of which the equilibrium concentrations for all four isotopologues obey statistical distributions. Cross(More)
The vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) spectroscopic properties of undoped and Tb(3+)-doped borates Ba(3)Ln(BO(3))(3) (Ln = Lu and Gd) with different crystal structures were investigated by using synchrotron radiation. Ba(3)Lu(BO(3))(3) (BLB) crystallizes in a hexagonal structure, whereas Ba(3)Gd(BO(3))(3) (BGB) crystallizes in a trigonal structure. The maximum host(More)
With radiation from a synchrotron we measured the spectra of several small molecular species, in the solid phase at 10K, either pure--O2, NO, CO2, N2O, H2O and NH3--or, for NH3, also dispersed in Ar at molar ratio 1/250, from the onset of absorption in the ultraviolet region until the limits of transmission by crystalline LiF or solid Ar. In a quantitative(More)
Three series of new ultraviolet-emitting Ca(9)Y(PO(4))(7):Ln(3+) (Ln = Ce, Gd, Pr) phosphors were synthesized, and their luminescence was investigated. Under vacuum ultraviolet excitation Ca(9)Y(PO(4))(7):Ce(3+) phosphors emit UVA light with one broad emission centered at 346 nm, on account of the 5d(1) → 4f(1) transition of Ce(3+) ions; the optimal doping(More)
Following the recent identification of ethanethiol in the interstellar medium (ISM) we have carried out Vacuum UltraViolet (VUV) spectroscopy studies of ethanethiol (CH3CH2SH) from 10 K until sublimation in an ultrahigh vacuum chamber simulating astrochemical conditions. These results are compared with those of methanethiol (CH3SH), the lower order thiol(More)
Irradiation of samples of solid Ne near 3.0 K containing ethene (C(2)H(4)) with vacuum ultraviolet radiation at 120 nm from synchrotron yielded new spectral lines at 3141.0, 2953.6, 2911.5, 1357.4, 677.1, 895.3, and 857.0 cm(-1). These features are assigned to alpha-CH stretching (nu(1)), CH(2) antisymmetric stretching (nu(2)), CH(2) symmetric stretching(More)
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