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Former Media Access Control (MAC) protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are mainly for static networks. In the networks where mobile nodes exist, the performance will degrade greatly. In this paper the performance of MAC in mobile WSNs (mWSNs) is analyzed and improved algorithms are presented. Simulations validate the effects. A new MAC protocol(More)
Many media access control (MAC) protocols for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) such as sensor MAC (S-MAC) and carrier sense multiple access with minimum preamble sampling (CSMA-MPS) exploit listen/sleep cycles to conserve energy. The cycles of nodes influence the network performances such as energy efficiency, packet latency and throughput in WSNs. In this(More)
Sentiment classification has adopted machine learning techniques to improve its precision and efficiency. However, the features are always produced by basic words-bag methods without much consideration for words' syntactic properties, which could play an important role in the judgment of sentiment meanings. To remedy this, we firstly generate syntax trees(More)
Obstacle Avoidance for mobile robot is a nondeterministic polynomial hard (NP-hard) problem. Ant algorithm is the bionic algorithm which simulated ants foraging behavior, which can effectively solve the problems of this kind. In this paper, we propose an improved ant colony algorithm for robot obstacle avoidance, in which heuristic information is adjusted(More)
Recently, semi-supervised spectral clustering algorithms have been developing rapidly, which are proposed to improve the clustering performance. In this paper, we first review the current existing spectral clustering algorithms in an unified-framework and give a straightforward explanation about the spectral clustering algorithm. Then, we present a(More)
All pairs similarity search (APSS) is the problem of finding all the similar pairs of items, whose similarity is above a given threshold. APSS algorithm is applied to many data mining fields, such as document matching, collaborative filtering. Due to a large scale of data in real life, some recent work used partitioning, inverted indexing, parallel(More)
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