Bing Liu

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Developing a system which generates a 3D representation of a whole scene is a difficult task. Several new technologies of 3D time-of-flight (ToF) imaging, which overcome various limitations of other 3D imaging systems, such as laser/radar/sonar scanners, structured light and stereo rigs have been developed in recent years. However, only limited work got(More)
Machine learning (ML) has been instrumental for the advances of both data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI). The recent success of deep learning brings it to a new height. ML algorithms have been successfully used in almost all areas of applications in industry, science, and engineering. The current dominant paradigm for ML is to run an ML algorithm(More)
In this paper, after a brief overview of the existing methods, we present a new hierarchical classification algorithm based on quotient space theory of the granular computing. This algorithm deals with the samples from coarse to fine both in the training and testing processes. A group of classifiers are firstly trained by the samples generated under(More)
The dynamic model of supply chain dual-channel with e-markets is established, including the dynamic controlling process of Internet channel and traditional channel, in which the inventory level is state variable and the produced quantity and supplied quantity are controlling variables. The bullwhip effect of dual-channel is described, and the H(More)
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