Bing Liu

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H. sapiens-M. tuberculosis H37Rv protein-protein interaction (PPI) data are essential for understanding the infection mechanism of the formidable pathogen M. tuberculosis H37Rv. Computational prediction is an important strategy to fill the gap in experimental H. sapiens-M. tuberculosis H37Rv PPI data. Homology-based prediction is frequently used in(More)
Machine learning (ML) has been instrumental for the advances of both data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI). The recent success of deep learning brings it to a new height. ML algorithms have been successfully used in almost all areas of applications in industry, science, and engineering. The current dominant paradigm for ML is to run an ML algorithm(More)
The concept of “systems biology” is raised by Hood in 1999. It means studying all components with a systematic view. Systems biomedicine is the application of systems biology in medicine. It studies all components in a whole system and aims to reveal the patho-physiologic mechanisms of disease. In recent years, with the development of both theory and(More)
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