Bing Liu

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Gene selection is an important issue in microarray data processing. In this paper, we propose an efficient method for selecting relevant genes. First, we use spectral biclustering to obtain the best two eigenvectors for class partition. Then gene combinations are selected based on the similarity between the genes and the best eigenvectors. We demonstrate(More)
A method which we call support vector machine with graded resolution (SVM-GR) is proposed in this paper. During the training of the SVM-GR, we first form data granules to train the SVM-GR and remove those data granules that are not support vectors. We then use the remaining training samples to train the SVM-GR. Compared with the traditional SVM, our SVM-GR(More)
Selection of significant genes via expression patterns is an important problem in microarray data processing. In this article, we propose and study a new method for selecting relevant genes obtained by spectral biclustering and based on similarity between genes and eigenvectors. The proposed algorithm can select a much smaller gene subset to make accurate(More)
A new fusion method of radar data and IFF data based on nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) is proposed in this paper, due to its strong part-based representation capability. The identification data from each sensor are put into one column of the input matrix and the fusion is realized by the converging process of a cost function. The proposed fusion(More)
In this paper, we investigate the linear solver in least square support vector machine (LSSVM) for large-scale data regression. The traditional methods using the direct solvers are costly. We know that the linear equations should be solved repeatedly for choosing appropriate parameters in LSSVM, so the key for speeding up LSSVM is to improve the method of(More)
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