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During the last two decades a lot of researches have been done on the estimation of fundamental matrix, which represents the epipolar geometry between two un-calibrated perspective images. In this paper we proposed a new linear and iterative method for estimating the fundamental matrix. It preserves the noise model of of the observed image points, e.g. a(More)
In this paper, we consider the problem of finding the position of a point in space given its projections in multiple images taken by cameras with known calibration and pose. Ideally the 3D-point can be obtained as the intersection of multiple known rays in space. However, with noise the rays will not meet at a single 3D-point generally. Therefore, it is(More)
* We thank the foundation of Gottlieb Daimler-und Karl Benz-Stiftung for its funding for the work of Bing Liu. ABSTRACT In this paper we propose a real-time solution to localize the surgical instruments in an eye surgery simulator, Eye-Si. The hardware consists of three synchronized cameras that capture the movements of the instruments, and an FPGA card for(More)
Bundle adjustment is one of the main tools used for multiple view reconstruction. It seeks to refine the estimate of the 3D scene and the view parameter that minimize a certain cost function, e.g. the overall reprojection error. In this paper we propose a new algorithm to simplify the computation of the reprojection error for multiple views. With this(More)
Ever-changing shooting conditions, such as altered ambient lighting, visual angle and live scene, impact image quality remarkably. Tuning camera parameters may relieve unwanted impacts to some extent, but generally the tuning is a trial and error process, which is boring and time-consuming, especially when being carried out manually, due to the numerous(More)
An effective and rigorous approach to determine optimum welding process parameters is implementation of advanced computer aided engineering (CAE) tool that integrates efficient optimization techniques and numerical welding simulation. In this paper, an automated computational methodology to determine optimum arc welding process control parameters is(More)
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