Bing Liu

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Virtual Geographical Environment is a special instance of virtual environment, which pays more attention to the geographical spatio-temporal properties of all objects and to modeling and simulating macroscopical behaviors of intelligent objects within the geographical space. Modeling intelligent virtual agent is the key of making virtual geographical(More)
Introduction „ The Web is perhaps the single largest data source in the world. „ Web mining aims to extract and mine useful knowledge from the Web. „ Due to the heterogeneity and lack of structure of Web data, mining is a challenging task. „ Web offers an unprecedented opportunity and challenge to data mining ‰ The amount of information on the Web is huge,(More)
Developing a collaborative application running on a collection of heterogeneous, possibly mobile, devices, each potentially host-ing data stores, using existing middleware technologies such as JXTA, BREW, compact .NET and J2ME requires too many ad-hoc techniques as well as cumbersome and time-consuming programming. Our System on Mobile Devices (SyD)(More)
We have developed a generic " Listener " module in Java called SyDListener, or " System on Mobile Devices (SyD) Listener Module ". It is designed and implemented as part of a software package we developed that is called SyDKernel. SyDKernel is a middleware package that can be used in developing distributed collaborative software applications in a rapid and(More)
A new fusion method of radar data and IFF data based on nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) is proposed in this paper, due to its strong part-based representation capability. The identification data from each sensor are put into one column of the input matrix and the fusion is realized by the converging process of a cost function. The proposed fusion(More)
We recently developed "system on mobile devices" (SyD) middleware for rapidly developing and deploying collaborative distributed applications over a collection of autonomous Web objects and data-stores, independent of the underlying device, data, or network. SyDListener is a key component of SyD middleware. SyDListener provides a set of interfaces and(More)
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