Bing Liu

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Introduction „ The Web is perhaps the single largest data source in the world. „ Web mining aims to extract and mine useful knowledge from the Web. „ Due to the heterogeneity and lack of structure of Web data, mining is a challenging task. „ Web offers an unprecedented opportunity and challenge to data mining ‰ The amount of information on the Web is huge,(More)
Developing a collaborative application running on a collection of heterogeneous, possibly mobile, devices, each potentially host-ing data stores, using existing middleware technologies such as JXTA, BREW, compact .NET and J2ME requires too many ad-hoc techniques as well as cumbersome and time-consuming programming. Our System on Mobile Devices (SyD)(More)
We have developed a generic " Listener " module in Java called SyDListener, or " System on Mobile Devices (SyD) Listener Module ". It is designed and implemented as part of a software package we developed that is called SyDKernel. SyDKernel is a middleware package that can be used in developing distributed collaborative software applications in a rapid and(More)
We sought to demonstrate the in vivo transduction efficiency and tropism range in astrocytes of a combined-serotype adeno associated virus (AAV2/5/7/8/9). To control expression of enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP), a 1740bp glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) promoter was obtained and ligated into vectors of each AAV serotype (2/5/7/8/9).(More)
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