Bing Liu

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—Computed tomography (CT) detector requires quantizing the wide dynamic range (WDR) photocurrent with high speed. Existing CMOS CT detectors are limited by their low linearity. They also need high-resolution external analog-to-digital converters (ADC) to quantize the WDR. In this work, a novel synchronous partial quantization technique is developed to(More)
—In a cell recording system, characteristics of the cell and microelectrode array (MEA) interface impose challenging requirements on the design of front-end amplifier with regard to input-referred noise, linearity, dynamic range (DR), input impedance, pitch size and differential electrode offset (DEO) cancellation. Previous front-end amplifier designs for(More)
Computed tomography (CT) requires high-speed detector with wide dynamic range (WDR) and high linearity. CMOS CT detectors have been demonstrated with WDR and quantum-limited noise. However, existing CMOS CT detectors have low linearity, which cause artifacts during the image reconstruction. They also require high-resolution off-chip analog-to-digital(More)
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