Bing Lin Zhang

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Objective. To provide related parameters for astronauts. Method. A study of susceptibility to decompression sickness was carried out in 43 subjects in a hypobaric chamber. Result. Incidence of altitude decompression sickness under rest condition was closely related to age, time of oxygen prebreathing, gas bubble formation rates in the venous blood flow(More)
Objective. To study the influences of short-term simulated weightlessness on human EEG. Method. EEG of 12 male subjects (aged 18-22) was recorded, pre-HDBR (-6 degrees head down bed rest), mid-HDBR (3rd, 4th, 6th day) and post-HDBR (3rd day). Then these EEG recordings were analyzed by power spectral analysis. Result. During HDBR, peak frequency of EEG(More)
Monocytes-macrophages are crucial players in specific and nonspecific immune responses to protect organisms from invasion of bacteria or viruses. In this study, monocytes in circulation from 2 lines of Silky and Starbro chickens with different disease resistance were separated and cultured in vitro. After identification with acridine orange (AO), Giemsa(More)
Our previous study showed that free fructose is an important active constituent responsible for Si-Wu-Tang's (SWT) effect promoting hematopoiesis and immunity. However, the contribution from SWT's four ingredient drugs to the free fructose content in the SWT decoction was not clear. To answer this question, in this study, the fructose, glucose and sucrose(More)
Typically, production of induced pluripotent stem cells requires direct contact with feeder cells. However, once the stem cells have reached the appropriate maturation point, it is difficult to separate them from feeder cells, which must be irradiated with γ-rays or treated with the antibiotic mitomycin-C. We used a microporous poly-membrane-based(More)
Recent work by Rankin & Deshpande strongly suggests that there exist strong " micro-storms " rotating around the magnetic axis of the 1.1s pulsar PSR 0943+10. Such a feature hints that most probably the large-voltage vacuum gap proposed by Ruderman & Sutherland (RS) does exist in the pulsar polar cap. However, there are severe arguments against the(More)
The Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome was believed to be associated with PRKAG2 gene mutations. In this study, we verified the pathopoiesis of G100S mutation, a novel mutation only discovered in Chinese patients with WPW, in cardiac disorder. Similar to R302Q, when overexpressed PRKAG2 G100S mutant in zebrafish, we observed a thicker heart wall, detected(More)
AIM To study the effect of nimodipine (Nim) on infectious brain edema (BE). METHODS An infectious BE model was induced by injection of Bordetella pertussis suspension (BPS) into right internal carotid artery in rabbits. Eighteen rabbits were randomly divided into 3 groups (n = 6). Group BE: BPS (0.6 was given; group NS: normal saline was given as(More)
A series of Cu(II) complexes Cu(2)[micro-pz](2)[HB(pz)(3)](2) (1), Cu[H(2)B(pz)(2)](2) (2), Cu[HB(pz)(3)](2) (3), Cu[HB(pz(Me2))(3)](2) (4), Cu[B(pz)(4)](2) (5) (pz=pyrazole), have been synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, IR, UV-vis, X-ray diffraction, thermal analysis and theoretical analysis. The IR spectra give the Cu-N vibration modes(More)
The regulatory effect of insulin on the specific binding power of glucocorticoid receptor (GR) of human leukocytes was assessed by the unoccupied receptor sites capable of combining with [3H] labelled dexamethasone measured at 3 and 24 h after incubation with various concentrations of insulin added to the medium. After 3 h incubation the specific binding(More)