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With the deployment of two ways HFC network and the development of digital TV, more and more interactive applications are being developed based on bi-directional HFC network. And the implementation of interactive cable set-top-box of digital TV is one of key component, which offers various interactive services based on TV display. In this paper, we(More)
-Scheduling the nodes of wireless sensor network properly can effectively reduce the networks’ energy consumption. The ordinary coverage algorithm is simply to identify redundant network nodes and let them go to sleep, without considering problem of power consumption of those continuing working nodes. This paper purpose a sleeping and wakening-up mechanism(More)
The localization and tracking of mobile nodes is a study focus in the application of wireless sensor networks. This paper makes a research on localization of mobile nodes in wireless sensor network and proposes a kind of mobile nodes localization algorithm based on ant colony algorithm. The novel algorithm uses distribution probability and transition(More)
Mobile node localization is one of the key issues in wireless sensor networks. This paper proposes a localization algorithm by using Monte Carlo methods. The algorithm assists nodes to locate with the help of estimate information of motion mode established forehand. What’s more, the algorithm could adapt to different motion state of mobile nodes,(More)
The normal operation of the equipment in communication room is directly influenced by the temperature. Many communications industries have been concerned greatly about the problem that how to provide an adapt circumstance for the communication room. This system adopts the ZigBee technology, the cluster tree network topology structure, the 2.4GHZ RF wireless(More)
Adjusting the operation mode of the nodes in wireless sensor networks can extend the networks lifetime effectively. The distributed protocol PEAS reduces the network’s consumption by a method which maintains only a necessary number of nodes working and the other nodes sleeping, but in this method some of the nodes’ energy will be exhausted(More)
Now in these days location aware application development and services are in fashion. These applications are providing services according to the locality of users. Therefore, location estimation is a branch of communication and computing which provides ease in service distribution. In our proposed work, different techniques of location estimation methods(More)
-A multi-sensors data fusion method of arithmetic average and batch estimation is applied into dam safety monitoring system, which can effectively eliminate uncertain factors in dam safety monitoring, improve accuracy of monitoring result and strength system’s dependability greatly. Keywords-data fusion; arithmetic average; batch estimation; dam safety(More)
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