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In order to prevent the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) from suffering from differential fault attacks, the technique of error detection can be adopted to detect the errors during encryption or decryption and then to provide the information for taking further action, such as interrupting the AES process or redoing the process. Because errors occur within(More)
This study presents an effective method for detecting vehicles in front of the camera-assisted car during nighttime driving. The proposed method detects vehicles based on detecting and locating vehicle headlights and taillights using techniques of image segmentation and pattern analysis. First, to effectively extract bright objects of interest, a(More)
In this paper, a new robust wavelet-based voice activity detection (VAD) algorithm derived from the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and Teager energy operation (TEO) processing is presented. We decompose the speech signal into four subbands by using the DWT. By means of the multi-resolution analysis property of the DWT, the voiced, unvoiced, and transient(More)
This paper presents an effective traffic surveillance system for detecting and tracking moving vehicles in nighttime traffic scenes. The proposed method identifies vehicles by detecting and locating vehicle headlights and taillights using image segmentation and pattern analysis techniques. First, a fast bright-object segmentation process based on automatic(More)
This paper proposes a new variable step-size sign algorithm (VSSA) for unknown channel estimation or system identification, and applies this algorithm to an environment containing two-component Gaussian mixture observation noise. The step size is adjusted using the gradient-based weighted average of the sign algorithm. The proposed scheme exhibits a fast(More)
This paper addresses the development and hardware implementation of an efficient hierarchical motion estimation algorithm, HMEA, using multiresolution frames to reduce the computational complexity. Excellent estimation performance is ensured using an averaging filter to downsample the original image. At the smallest resolution, the least two motion vector(More)
In this paper, an intelligent automated lane-keeping system is proposed and implemented on our vehicle platform, i.e., TAIWAN i TS-1. This system challenges the online integrating heterogeneous systems such as a real-time vision system, a lateral controller, in-vehicle sensors, and a steering wheel actuating motor. The implemented vision system detects the(More)
In this study, a new criterion for determining the number of classes an image should be segmented is proposed. This criterion is based on discriminant analysis for measuring the separability among the segmented classes of pixels. Based on the new discriminant criterion, two algorithms for recursively segmenting the image into determined number of classes(More)
The experimental results show that using a larger tile size to perform JPEG 2000 coding results in better image quality (i.e., greater than or equal to 256 /spl times/ 256 tile image). However, processing large tile images also requires relatively high memory for the hardware implementation. For example, it would require tile memory of 256 K words to(More)