Bing Fang Wu

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Most academic control schemes for MIMO systems assume all the control variables are updated simultaneously. MPC outperforms other control strategies through its ability to deal with constraints. This requires on-line optimization, hence computational complexity can become an issue when applying MPC to complex systems with fast response times. The(More)
Atomistic chemical inhomogeneities are anticipated to induce dissimilarities in surface potentials, which control corrosion initiation of alloys at the atomic scale. Precise understanding of corrosion is therefore hampered by lack of definite information describing how atomistic heterogeneities regulate the process. Here, using high-angle annular dark-field(More)
This study proposes a block-edge-based perceptual zero-tree coding (PZTC) method, which is implemented with efficient optimization on the embedded platform. PZTC combines two novel compression concepts for coding efficiency and quality: block-edge detection (BED) and the low-complexity and low-memory entropy coder (LLEC). The proposed PZTC was implemented(More)
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