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RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) has spread rapidly with its unique advantages in the high-speed cluster and server area network and becomes an important supporting technology of InfiniBand(IB) network. Analyzing the supporting mechanisms and semantics of RDMA, this paper proposes a centralized control measurement method called CenCtlM (Central Control(More)
Traffic classification plays the significant role in the network security and management. However, accurate classification is challenging if the training data is contaminated with unclean traffic. Recent researches often assume clean training data, and hence performance reduced on real-time network traffic. To meet this challenge, in this paper, we propose(More)
The discovery and analysis of valuable information hidden in the usage data become more and more important with the exponential growth of Web users, for offering personalized information access. Since the traditional methods are unable to effectively solve the tasks of mining semi-structured and/or unstructured data in the single platform, in this paper, we(More)
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