Binbing Li

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Hepatocarcinoma (HCC) is one of the deadliest cancers in the world and represents a significant disease burden. Better biomarkers are needed for early detection of HCC. Metabolomics was applied to urine samples obtained from HCC patients to discover noninvasive and reliable biomarkers for rapid diagnosis of HCC. Metabolic profiling was performed by(More)
BACKGROUND Metabolic fingerprinting is a rapid and noninvasive analysis, representing a powerful approach for the characterization of phenotypes and the distinction of specific metabolic states due to environmental alterations. It has become a valuable analytical approach for the characterization of phenotypes and is the rapidly evolving field of the(More)
—Signal models such as wavelet trees, block sparsity and statistical models are integrated into compressed sensing (CS) recovery algorithms in order to improve recovery accuracy and decrease the number of measurements. However, there are many constraints in practical applications. This paper introduces a new simple and efficient model based on the fact that(More)
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