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Existing distributed graph processing frameworks, e.g., Pregel, Giraph, GPS and GraphLab, mainly exploit main memory to support flexible graph operations for efficiency. Due to the complexity of graph analytics, huge memory space is required especially for those graph analytics that spawn large intermediate results. Existing frameworks may terminate(More)
Restenosis caused by thrombopoiesis is one of the biggest hinders of endovascular stent-graft used in small-diameter vessels. Rapid endothelialization of the lumen of stent is a promising approach to prevent thrombosis. In this study, we aimed at loading heparin, a potent anticoagulants, and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) into the core of(More)
Tracheal injuries are one of major challenging issues in clinical medicine because of the poor intrinsic ability of tracheal cartilage for repair. Tissue engineering provides an alternative method for the treatment of tracheal defects by generating replacement tracheal structures. In this study, core-shell nanofibrous scaffold was fabricated to encapsulate(More)
Increasing evidence suggests that white matter disorders based on myelin sheath impairment may underlie the neuropathological changes in schizophrenia. But it is unknown whether enhancing remyelination is a beneficial approach to schizophrenia. To investigate this hypothesis, we used clemastine, an FDA-approved drug with high potency in promoting(More)
Electrospinning is a versatile and convenient technology to generate nanofibers suitable for tissue engineering. However, the low production rate of traditional needle electrospinning hinders its applications. Needleless electrospinning is a potential strategy to promote the application of electrospun nanofiber in various fields. In this study,(More)
BACKGROUND The occurrence of acute ischemic stroke in cancer patients is not unusual. In clinical practice, acute ischemic stroke with cancer usually cannot be diagnosed promptly due to lack of specific markers. But for cancer patients, advanced prevention, accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of acute ischemic stroke are very important. The aim of the(More)
Silk fibroin (SF) from Bombyx mori has an excellent biocompatibility and thus be widely applied in the biomedical field. Recently, various SF-based composite nanofibers have been developed for more demanding applications. Additionally, grape seed extract (GSE) has been demonstrated to be powerful on antioxidation. In the present study, we dedicate to(More)