Binbin Sun

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Existing distributed graph processing frameworks, e.g., Pregel, Gi-raph, GPS and GraphLab, mainly exploit main memory to support flexible graph operations for efficiency. Due to the complexity of graph analytics, huge memory space is required especially for those graph analytics that spawn large intermediate results. Existing frameworks may terminate(More)
This paper deals with the problem of designing the sensing matrix Φ for a compressed sensing (CS) system, in which the dictionary Ψ is assumed to be given. The optimal sensing matrix design is formulated as to identify those Φ which minimize a proposed coherence-based measure with the constraint that the equivalent dictionary A =(More)
Feature extraction and classification are two essential components in face recognition. Feature extraction is a process to reduce the original input high-dimensional data and reserve the crucial information. Considering the problem that the human face image is high-dimensional, dimensionality reduction (DR) methods can be employed to obtain low-dimensional(More)