Binbin Niu

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Previous studies have indicated that the cognitive impairment or deficit is associated with GABAergic signaling in central nervous system. Inspired by the finding that receptor GABRR2 modulates concentration of GABA and phasic inhibitory GABAergic transmission in brain. This study investigated to what extent a genetic variant (c.1423C>T, rs282129) of GABRR2(More)
Automated fingerprint identification systems are under serious threats from fake fingerprints such as fingerprint films. Fake fingerprint detection is a novel hot topic in fingerprint recognition, and select works covering the detection algorithm are presented. However, the verification of their algorithms is normally based on non-standard fake fingerprint(More)
The choline O-acetyltransferase (CHAT) gene has been associated with various human disorders that involve cognitive impairment or deficiency. However, the influence of disease-associated variants of CHAT on normal individuals remains dubious. Here we demonstrated the impact of CHAT sequence variants (G-120A) on general human cognitive ability in a cohort of(More)
In this study, we aimed to design a movable artificial lumbar complex (MALC) prosthesis for non-fusion reconstruction after lumbar subtotal corpectomy and to establish an in vitro anterolateral lumbar corpectomy non-fusion model for evaluating the biomechanical stability, preservation of segment movements and influence on adjacent inter-vertebral movements(More)
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