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The abnormal elevation of sulfiredoxin (Srx/SRXN1)-an antioxidant enzyme whose main function is to protect against oxidative stress-has been shown to be closely correlated with the progression of several types of cancer, including human cervical cancer. However, the molecular mechanism by which Srx promotes tumor progression, especially cancer metastasis in(More)
Ohno proposed that dosage compensation in mammals evolved as a two-step mechanism involving X-inactivation and X-upregulation. While X-inactivation is well characterized, it remains to further analysis whether upregulation of the single activated X chromosome in mammals occurs. We obtained RNA-seq data, including single-cell RNA-seq data, from cells(More)
Genetic modification of large DNA fragments (gene clusters) is of great importance in synthetic biology and combinatorial biosynthesis as it facilitates rational design and modification of natural products to increase their value and productivity. In this study, we developed a method for scarless and precise modification of large gene clusters by using(More)
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