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Raster image vectorization is increasingly important since vector-based graphical contents have been adopted in personal computers and on the Internet. In this paper, we introduce an effective vector-based representation and its associated vectorization algorithm for full-color raster images. There are two important characteristics of our representation.(More)
Nowadays, most business, administration, and/or scientific databases contain both structured attributes and text attributes. We call a database that consists of both multidi-mensional structured data and narrative text data as mul-tidimensional text database. Searching, OLAP, and mining such databases pose many research challenges. To enhance the power of(More)
The commercial relationships between Autonomous Systems (ASes) are of great importance to understand the Internet reachability and calculate the AS-level paths. Several algorithms have been proposed to solve the AS relationship inference problem and applied to the data of IPv4 network. In assuming that the provider is typically larger than its customers,(More)
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