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In this paper weak and strong convergence theorems of modified Noor iterations to fixed points for asymptotically nonexpansive map-pings in the intermediate sense in Banach spaces are established. In one theorem where we establish strong convergence we assume an additional property of the operator whereas in another theorem where we establish weak(More)
The study of fixed points of mappings satisfying certain contractive conditions has been at the center of rigorous research activity, see 1–3 . The notion ofD-metric space is a generalization of usual metric spaces and it is introduced by Dhage 4–7 . Recently, Mustafa and Sims 8, 9 have shown that most of the results concerning Dhage’sD-metric spaces are(More)
In this paper we establish some fixed point results for functions which satisfy certain weak contractive inequalities in partially ordered cone metric spaces. We have also given some illustrative examples. Our results are extension of some existing results. 1. Introduction Cone metric space is a recently introduced generalization of metric space where every(More)