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Data mining has been used as a technology in various applications of engineering, sciences and others to analysis data of systems and to solve problems. Its applications further extend towards detecting cyber-attacks. We are presenting our work with simple and less efforts similar to data mining which detects email based phishing attacks. This work digs(More)
This investigation deals with single server queueing system wherein the arrival of the units follow Poisson process with varying arrival rates in different states and the service time of the units is arbitrary (general) distributed. The server may take a vacation of a fixed duration or may continue to be available in the system for next service. Using the(More)
Information retrieval is an essential activity for extraction of information from unstructured data. This data uses simpler data model rather than traditional column database which is based on Boolean and Vector space model. There is need to focus on process like information gathering, observation and data encryption process for communication among sensor(More)
Abstract: The present investigation deals with the analysis of Markovian queueing model with finite capacity and finite population wherein the server works in fast and slow random environments, depending on the status of service system, with exponential distributed time parameters. On arrival of the customer in slow mode, the exponential distributed time(More)
In this Paper, we have proposed a new captcha based on digits and symbols. It is based on the facts that it is difficult for the machine to interpret symbols and perform the tasks accordingly from two different datasets. We have also pointed out the main anti-recognition and anti-segmentation features from previous works and implemented them on our proposed(More)
Compromising databases of servers of a login system result in successful theft of login credentials. Storage of these credentials as part of the authentication system makes a login system vulnerable for the theft. Various types of malicious activities have led in revealing this pair of information which attack on the stored database. We propose a novel(More)
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