Binay Kumar Sarkar

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This paper aims to present in detail the design, fabrication and the various characterization techniques adopted in realizing a novel miniature-size switched capacitor based phase shifter. The work strives to provide an all-round development of a DMTL (Distributed MEMS Transmission Line) based phase shifting unit yielding an overall phase shift of 151 at a(More)
A rectangular microstrip patch antenna is designed by using substrate integrated artificial dielectric (SIAD). A periodic structure, design by hollow copper cylinders to create effective media. Relatively strong paramagnetic media is introduced by this SIAD structure. In this work effective permeability higher than effective permittivity. Characteristics(More)
TEM horn antennas are widely used in ultra wide band (UWB) radar and UWB communication applications due to its wide bandwidth and non-dispersive characteristic. Linearly tapered constant impedance TEM horn is most commonly used variation of TEM horn due to its simplicity and ease of fabrication. In many practical systems cylindrical sections are added at(More)
This paper presents the analysis of circular patch antenna as an electromagnetic interference sensor in microwave frequency range. The paper describes the performance of circular patch antenna as EMI sensor in terms of antenna factor and radiation characteristics. The designed patch antenna is simulated using commercial software Computer Simulation(More)
Satellite based 'Automatic Identification System' (AIS) for global maritime applications is being highly investigated in recent years. A receiver of such a system receives simultaneous transmissions from different self organized areas, which may lead to collision of information received at satellite; thereby reduce the scope of detection. In this paper we(More)
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