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"Using period and cohort birth order statistics, an overview of the phenomenon of delayed childbearing in Canada is presented. Data employed in the period analysis were mainly from the years 1944 to 1985, while women born between the years 1935 and 1960 were the subjects of the cohort analysis. An examination of selected indices, namely, age-specific(More)
BACKGROUND Despite recent advances, research on father-infant relations is still relatively lacking. One hitherto neglected area is the subjective experience of primary caregiving (PCG) fathers, including their reasons for taking on a PCG role. METHOD Twenty-five PCG fathers, defined as those providing sole child care for their 1-year-old infant for at(More)
"This paper has examined the fertility of immigrants who arrived in Canada at various periods in the recent past. Cumulative and current fertility measures derived from 1961, 1971, 1981 and 1986 censuses have indicated that immigrants tend to have children at a lower rate during the periods when they are immigrating, but at a higher rate after immigrating.(More)
Background. Postnatal depression is common and has been associated with adverse effects on children’s later emotional and behavioural development. The evidence for effects on children’s cognitive development is unclear but this could potentially be a major public health issue. The aim was to examine whether maternal depression and maternal caregiving during(More)
The Examining Neighbourhood Activities in Built Living Environments in London (ENABLE London) study provides a unique opportunity to examine differences in mental health and well-being amongst adults seeking social, intermediate (affordable rent), and market-rent housing in a purpose built neighbourhood (East Village, the former London 2012 Olympic(More)
PURPOSE The Examining Neighbourhood Activities in Built Living Environments in London (ENABLE London) project is a natural experiment which aims to establish whether physical activity and other health behaviours show sustained changes among individuals and families relocating to East Village (formerly the London 2012 Olympics Athletes' Village), when(More)
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