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As we know World Wide Web plays vital role in serving the needs of the user's on web. The web log files are generated as a result of an interaction between the client and the service provider on web. Web log file contains the massive hidden valuable information pertaining to the visitors, if mined can be used for predicting the navigation behavior of the(More)
Everyone in the IT world is bustling with the cloud computing concept. Conversing about the catchphrase cloud, the terms like virtualization, resources, elasticity, security, pay per use basis hit the mind. A key stumbling block of motivating the IT sector towards cloud ethnicity is the lack of conviction on security. The cloud provider, in turn, also needs(More)
The unremitting increase of computational strength has produced tremendous flow of data in the past two decades. This tremendous flow of data is known as “big data”. Big data is the data which cannot be processed with the aid of existing tools or techniques and if processed can result in interesting information's such as analysing the(More)
  • Neha Mahyavanshi, Megharani Patil, +13 authors Vahid Ahmadi
  • 2017
In this era of technology, internet has gained huge popularity and web presence is an important aspect for success of any e-business. This paper presents a new method which focuses on two most important principles of web design i.e. functional convenience and presentational delight for enhancing the web usability. For improving functional convenience the(More)
The association rule is used to find the items enumerated in the transactions. These rules are known as positive and negative rules. Many researchers have focused on positive association rule mining and developed many algorithms for finding the frequent item sets from the large databases however few have come up with the concept of negative association rule(More)
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