Bin-yan Yan

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The distributing of China's grassland is abroad and the status of grassland degradation is in serious condition. So achieving real-time and exactly grassland ecological monitoring is significant for the carbon cycle, as well as for climate and on regional economies. With the field measured spectra data as data source, hyperspectral remote sensing monitoring(More)
Soil water content is a key parameter in monitoring drought. In recent years, a lot of work has been done on monitoring soil water content based on hyperspectral remotely sensed data both at home and abroad. In the present review, theories, advantages and disadvantages of the monitoring methods using different bands are introduced first. Then the unique(More)
Monitoring grassland species and area real-timely and accurately is of great significance in species diversity research, as well as in sustainable development of ecosystem. Flowers have their own unique spectral characteristics. Compared with the nutrient stage, species are more easily identified by florescence. So, florescence is a critical period for(More)
Amorphous and nanocrystalline Fe-based alloys are technologically important materials due to their good magnetic properties and low cost. However, the appearances of the alloys obtained by melt spinning and sputtering techniques are limited to ribbon and strip, film, wire, and powders, which largely restricts their applications in many engineering devices(More)
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