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This paper presents design, analysis, and experiment of the feed cable-suspended structure for the next generation large spherical radio telescope. To begin with, considering the requirement of the orientation of the feed cable-suspended structure increased to 60deg from 40deg, optimization design of the structure is performed. Then, aiming at the drawback(More)
To overcome the strong nonlinearity and big lag of a class of cable feed system and improve its robustness against wind disturbance, sliding mode control with parameter adaptation is proposed. Based on Lyapunov stability theory, a MIMO sliding mode control law is derived with the linear model of the plant. The modeling error and wind force are considered as(More)
The cooperative variation of lengths of the six long cables pulls the feed cabin to track some radio source with six-DOF. Similar to a parallel manipulator, the cable-cabin flexible structure for the new generation large spherical radio telescope is viewed as a cable-supported parallel manipulator (CPM). Due to the inherent characteristics of nonlinearity,(More)
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