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Attractants for Rhagoletis Batava Obseuriosa, a Fruit Fly Pest of Sea Buckthorn
Results of the first field bioassays showed that ammonium acetate (AA) was a strong attractant for Rhagoletis batava obseuriosa adults, and a trend for ammonium bicarbonate and ammonium carbonate trapping an higher number of RBO adults than AA.
Fitness‐related offspring sex allocation of Anastatus disparis, a gypsy moth egg parasitoid, on different‐sized host species
It is indicated that host egg size decisively influenced the body size and sex ratio of the parasitoid offspring of Anastatus disparis and that larger hosts, especially the largest eggs of Antheraea pernyi Guérin‐Méneville (Saturniidae), might increase the fitness of A. disparis.
Influence of natal host and oviposition experience on sex allocation in a solitary egg parasitoid, Anastatus disparis (Hymenoptera, Eupelmidae)
Comparison of substitute hosts showed that natal host had almost no impact on sex allocation by A. disparis, but oviposition experience did influence sex allocation, which suggests that information females obtain from the environment influences how they allocate sex in their offspring.