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Abstraet-A robust and fast skew detection algorithm based on hierarchical Hough transform is proposed. It is capable of detecting the skew angle for various document images, including technical articles, postal labels, handwritten text, forms, drawings and bar codes. The algorithm is robust even when black margins introduced by photocopying are present in(More)
—When MANET is connected to the Internet, it is important for the mobile nodes to detect an available gateway providing an access to the Internet. This paper introduces an Internet access scheme for MANET by using mobile IP. This scheme provides a dynamic gateway algorithm to calculate an optimal gateway of the MANET and automatically handover to another(More)
  • Bin Yu, Wenzhi Zhang, Li Li
  • 2009
—Internet connectivity is desired for MANET to communicate with Internet. Unlike the traditional fixed gateways, this paper introduces a new ad-hoc dynamic gateway based on OLSR and mobile IP to solve this problem. We integrate the gateway announcement into the message of OLSR routing protocol without extra traffic and also eliminate the broadcast of mobile(More)
—A minimized Wilkinson power divider is proposed in this letter. Applying the dual transmission line into the design, a significant size reduction can be achieved due to the small width of the dual transmission line. Both the closed-form design equations and the corresponding design structure are given. For verification purposes, the simulation results of a(More)