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Abstraet-A robust and fast skew detection algorithm based on hierarchical Hough transform is proposed. It is capable of detecting the skew angle for various document images, including technical articles, postal labels, handwritten text, forms, drawings and bar codes. The algorithm is robust even when black margins introduced by photocopying are present in(More)
[1] The Space Weather Modeling Framework (SWMF) provides a high-performance flexible framework for physics-based space weather simulations, as well as for various space physics applications. The SWMF integrates numerical models of the Solar Corona, Upper Atmosphere into a high-performance coupled model. The components can be represented with alternative(More)
Extracting useful information from high-dimensional data is an important focus of today's statistical research and practice. Penalized loss function minimization has been shown to be effective for this task both theoretically and empirically. With the virtues of both regularization and sparsity, the L 1-penalized squared error minimization method Lasso has(More)
By reversing secret images, a novel multi-secret visual cryptography scheme is presented in this paper. During the secret sharing process, the correlative matrices are designed to encode multiple images into two ring shares. Compared with the previous ones, the proposed scheme makes the number of secret images not restricted and has obviously improved the(More)