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  • Peter B Uhlmann, Eth Z Urich, Bin Yu
  • 2002
This paper investigates a computationally simple variant of boosting, L 2 Boost, which is constructed from a functional gradient descent algorithm with the L 2-loss function. As other boosting algorithms, L 2 Boost uses many times in an iterative fashion a pre-chosen tting method, called the learner. Based on the explicit expression of reetting of residuals(More)
Abstraet-A robust and fast skew detection algorithm based on hierarchical Hough transform is proposed. It is capable of detecting the skew angle for various document images, including technical articles, postal labels, handwritten text, forms, drawings and bar codes. The algorithm is robust even when black margins introduced by photocopying are present in(More)
— The paper is focused on the problem of discrete universal denoising: one estimates the input sequence to a discrete channel based on the observation of the entire output signal, and without assuming any particular knowledge on the statistical properties of the input sequence. A 2k + 1 sliding window denoiser (DUDE) has recently been introduced, and its(More)