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Service composition is highly desirable in peer-to-peer (P2P) systems where application services are naturally dispersed on distributed peers. However, it is challenging to provide high quality and failure resilient service composition in P2P systems due to the decentralization requirement and dynamic peer arrivals/departures. In this paper, we present an(More)
One of the major challenges for electronic commerce is how to establish a relationship of trust between different parties. Establishing trust is nontrivial, because the traditional physical or social means of trust cannot apply directly in virtual settings. In many cases, the parties involved may not ever have interacted before. Reputation systems seek to(More)
A referral system is a multiagent system whose member agents are capable of giving and following referrals. The specific cases of interest arise where each agent has a user. The agents cooperate by giving and taking referrals so each can better help its user locate relevant information. This use of referrals mimics human interactions and can potentially(More)
The vehicle routing problem (VRP), a well-known combinatorial optimization problem, holds a central place in logistics management. This paper proposes an improved ant colony optimization (IACO), which possesses a new strategy to update the increased pheromone, called ant-weight strategy, and a mutation operation, to solve VRP. The computational results for(More)
Tele-immersive environments will improve the state of collaboration among distributed participants. However, along with the promise a new set of challenges have emerged including the real-time acquisition, streaming and rendering of 3D scenes to convey a realistic sense of immersive spaces. Unlike 2D video conferencing, a 3D tele-immersive environment(More)