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An enhanced Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) optimization algorithm, which is called the Interactive Artificial Bee Colony (IABC) optimization, for numerical optimization problems, is proposed in this paper. The onlooker bee is designed to move straightly to the picked coordinate indicated by the employed bee and evaluates the fitness values near it in the(More)
The partitioning or clustering method is an important research branch in data mining area, and it partitions the dataset into an arbitrary number k of clusters according to the correlation attribute of all elements of the dataset. Most datasets have the original clusters number, which is estimated with cluster validity index. But most current cluster(More)
Digital watermarking is a useful solution for digital rights management systems, and it has been a popular research topic in the last decade. Most watermarking related literature focuses on how to resist deliberate attacks by applying benchmarks to watermarked media that assess the effectiveness of the watermarking algorithm. Only a few papers have(More)
The rising recognition rate is prominent in the rapid development of face recognition. However, much information shows that illumination, expression, and disguise are still a challenge needed to be conquered. In this paper, we propose an algorithm which could decrease the effect of illumination. We use Sobel as preprocess and median filtering to promote the(More)