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Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is an important neurotransmitter that, through the subtype A GABA receptor (GABAAR), induces inhibition in the adult brain. Here we show that an excitatory, rather than inhibitory, GABAergic system exists in airway epithelial cells. Both GABAARs and the GABA synthetic enzyme glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) are expressed in(More)
End-to-end reordering of packets on Internet is investigated. Packet streams transferred over the Internet are used to analyze the long-term and short-term trends in reordering. Reorder density (RD) is used to capture comprehensively and concisely the nature of reordering present in a stream. Simpler metrics are derived from RD for monitoring of long-term(More)
We report here the existence of anaerobic nitrogen-fixing consortia (ANFICOs) consisting of N(2)-fixing clostridia and diverse nondiazotrophic bacteria in nonleguminous plants; we found these ANFICOs while attempting to overcome a problem with culturing nitrogen-fixing microbes from various gramineous plants. A major feature of ANFICOs is that N(2) fixation(More)
OBJECTIVES It is essential to understand the molecular basis of ovarian cancer etiology and tumor development to provide more effective preventive and therapeutic approaches to reduce mortality. Particularly, the molecular targets and pathways involved in early malignant transformation are still not clear. Pro-inflammatory lipids and pathways have been(More)
Knapsack problems are important NP-Complete combinato-rial optimization problems. Although nearly all the classical instances can be solved in pseudo-polynomial time nowadays, yet there are a variety of test problems which are hard to solve for the existing algorithms. In this paper we propose a new approach based upon binary particle swarm optimization(More)
Abrogation of cellular senescence, resulting in immortalization, is a necessary step in the tumorigenic transformation of a cell. Four independent, spontaneously immortalized Li-Fraumeni syndrome (LFS) cell lines were used to analyze the gene expression changes that may have given these cell lines the growth advantage required to become immortal. A cellular(More)
Heterogeneous parallel and distributed computing systems may operate in an environment where certain system performance features degrade due to unpredictable circumstances. Robustness can be defined as the degree to which a system can function correctly in the presence of parameter values different from those assumed. This work develops a model for(More)
A noninvasive screening test would significantly facilitate early detection of epithelial ovarian cancer. This study used a combination of high-throughput selection and array-based serologic detection of many antigens indicative of the presence of cancer, thereby using the immune system as a biosensor. This high-throughput selection involved biopanning of(More)
PURPOSE Quercetin is a potent chemotherapeutic drug. Clinical trials exploring different schedules of administration of quercetin have been hampered by its extreme water insolubility. To overcome this limitation, this study is aimed to develop liposomal quercetin and investigate its distribution in vivo and antitumor efficacy in vivo and in vitro. (More)
PURPOSE The objective was to identify and characterize low molecular weight proteins/peptides in urine and their posttranslational modifications that might be used as a screening tool for ovarian cancer. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Urine samples collected preoperatively from postmenopausal women with ovarian cancer and benign conditions and from nonsurgical(More)