Bin Xu

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Zero-determinant (ZD) strategies, as discovered by Press and Dyson, can enforce a linear relationship between a pair of players' scores in the iterated prisoner's dilemma. Particularly, the extortionate ZD strategies can enforce and exploit cooperation, providing a player with a score advantage, and consequently higher scores than those from either mutual(More)
The Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) game is a widely used model system in game theory. Evolutionary game theory predicts the existence of persistent cycles in the evolutionary trajectories of the RPS game, but experimental evidence has remained to be rather weak. In this work we performed laboratory experiments on the RPS game and analyzed the social-state(More)
'Coyness and Philandering', a two populations game, is one of the most typical game in evolutionary game theory. The evolution dynamic provides the velocity field and then the evolution trajectories of the game with beautiful patterns. However, this game has never been empirically detected in laboratory experimental economics and the patterns have never(More)
BACKGROUND A decreased platelet count may occur and portend a worse outcome in patients receiving continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT). We aim to investigate the incidence of decreased platelet count and related risk factors in patients receiving CRRT. METHODS In this retrospective study, we screened all patients receiving continuous veno-venous(More)
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