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g y y t t o o e e v v a a l l u u a a t t e e g g r r a a s s s s l l a a n n d d e e c c o o s s y y s s t t e e m m h h e e a a l l t t h h i i n n n n o o r r t t h h C C h h i i n n a a Abstract. Grassland in north China faces serious ecological degradation in recent decades. Overgrazing and unsuitable farming over the grassland are believed to be the(More)
Within North China there is a special rim zone characterized with a mixture of crop farming and herd grazing. Due to intensive land use for cropping and grazing, natural ecosystems in this semi-arid zone have been seriously destroyed in the past decades. Several strong sandstorms in recent years swept through the zone to invade into Beijing the capital of(More)
Land surface temperature (LST) retrieval from NOAA-AVHRR data is mainly through so-called split window algorithms. During the last 20 years 17 split window algorithms has been published. These algorithms can be grouped into four categories: emissivity-dependent models, two-factors models, complicated models and radiance model. In this paper we intend to(More)
A unique arid environmental ecosystem exists in the Israel-Egypt border region. Remote sensing images shows that the Israeli side with much more vegetation cover has notably higher land surface temperature (LST) during daytime than the Egyptian side where bare sand prevails. In this paper, we present our results of ground temperature measurements to verify(More)
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