Bin Xu

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Businesses become globally distributed and speed to market is a critical success for new products. However, global cooperative design in legacy system reengineering is formidable because of the communication and coordination issues. Besides finding the domain expertise via the agents and distributing the different process steps at different sites,(More)
Customer satisfaction and cost are very important factors in software maintenance. However, the tradeoff between them is formidable in maintenance of software_product family. This paper suggests a decision tree method to improve multi-customer satisfaction adaptively with the available human resource. An experiment was conducted in the maintenance(More)
In this paper, a robust nonlinear controller is proposed for trajectory tracking of underwater vehicle-manipulator systems (UVMS). The controller is non-adaptive and of sliding mode type, and is designed based on the decentralized form of the dynamics of UVMS. It has the advantages of simplicity, robustness, precise performance, and ease of implementation.(More)
Software architecture is the backbone of a software-intensive system, many architecture models and styles are struggling to make the artifacts more understandable and reusable. Service-oriented programming is proposed to support reusing and enhancing distributed system development and a service-oriented architecture is essentially a collection of services(More)
Global cooperative software design is a formidable task because of the communication and coordination issues. While rescheduling of the tasks is necessary to reduce the impact of communication delay, the dependence of tasks must be well handled. Multiple component status transition graph (MCSTG) describes task dependence within and between components(More)
While many collaboration methods have been suggested in distributed software development project, cross-project collaboration is still problematic. On the basis of the former research on the collaboration improvement in dual-shore software projects, the authors present a role base cross-project collaboration framework to enhance the collaboration in(More)
In this paper, a new sliding mode controller is proposed for trajectory tracking of underwater-manipulator systems (UVMS), with gain tuning based on the fuzzy logic control approach. The sliding mode controller is designed based on the decentralized form of the dynamics of UVMS. By tuning gains with fuzzy logic, the proposed controller has the advantages(More)
The component service in web service composition may fail or degrade in QoS thus needs to be replaced. In this paper, we propose a novel approach for services replacement of the composition. The target service could be replaced individually, or it could be replaced with its related services in the composition as a whole by a more complex service. In this(More)
Rescheduling design tasks is essential to reduce the impact of communication delay in global cooperative software design. However, it is difficult due to the undetermined duration, delay and task sequence. Micro-estimation on demand refines the estimation of effort and duration for the tasks in the next short period. When using multiple component status(More)
Communication delay and globally task arrangement should be well considered during distributed software design. Though the software design is a kind of creative work and there are reworks almost all the cases, as a result, the duration and even the task sequence is undetermined. Micro-estimation on demand, which we proposed in the former paper, refines the(More)